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A Little Introduction

October 7, 2009

My name is Dana, it’s a short of my actual full name. I’m from Indonesia and currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I’m 21, and here I am, just because I feel like it and maybe someday can make something out of all these, I finally made a blog, and will try to regularly post… in all things makeup, skincare, as such. This is inspired by a lot of the youtube videos and and beautyheaven and all those of you out there who write beauty blogs as well.

It’s not long ago that I did not really care much (meaning I only slabbed on liquid foundation and that’s it) about mascaras or lipglosses or did not even know that brushes were used for applying foundations and makeups! Or, putting sunscreen before your foundation to prevent premature ageing and darkening of your skin! Yeah, I was that bad. But nevermind that, because now, I’m all about everything and anything. Haha. Brushes, eye primer, face primer, sunscreen (preferrably above spf30, due to the harsh Australia sun!!), natural-est foundation that doesn’t smudge or melt, a touch of blush, naturally curled mascara, mascara base primer, eyeshadows ranging from matte to shimmer to frost, heat protectant spray for the hair, using eyeshadow as eyeliners, yeah! such difference all these make! Just a tiny touch of blush, or the curled eyelashes, or the caring of your undereye… I can go on.

Anyway, to tell you a bit about my skin and what it’s like, as I know when I usually read someone’s reviews or blogs, I tend to find out what their skin colour is as to wonder if I could relate to her or not.

When I went to the MAC counter last time, the girl there told me that NC30 was my best match, but I think I could be around NC30-35, depending on the season. I tend to tan in summer. But because I have not really used MAC foundations, I cannot tell you much more about it. Oh, and last I checked, as well, I’m around Pure Beige in Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (I tried it on at the store, I don’t own oneā€¦ yet!)

Hence, these are the ones that I’ve used or currently using/have that may somehow help: (on that note, I believe I’m around Medium range…):

– PUPA Natural Silk Fluid Foundation in 01
– Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect in 73 Beige Clair
– Bourjois Eclat Mineral Pressed Powder in 04 Beige Medium

Well, anyway, have a good one, see you soon! =)