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1st StrawberryNET Haul

October 16, 2009

Finally made a decision to buy some items from mainly because they were having a Bonus Packs Special Sale Limited Time Only – until the 18th October 2009. And Free Shipping also makes a difference.

I ended up with these:



This one ends up to be a present for a friend~

For 1st Timers Customers, will also give you a bonus free gift of Stila product, you can choose 1 item out of their selections. And I chose
Stila Mineral Matte Eyeshadow in “Tolima

For 3 items or more, you get 5% off. And for your future orders, you’ll get further discounts too. Yay!! ^^

Oh, I found out today that the eyeshadow aluminium compact pot only costs $2!! If you don’t know what I mean, CLICK HERE!
I shall get some next time… since now I have a few of the Stila eyeshadow pans, they look naked. Hahaha…

Alright, I should go to sleep now anyway… was just excited about my first Stila products =D Happy about them so far~