Chapped Lips?? No Worries

Now you can get a 100% natural, 100% handmade lip balms. And her choices are so yummy! Imagine: Almond Biscotti, Buttery Toffee, Summer Peach, Raspberry and Cream, there are 7 flavours out at the moment ^^. Check her out HERE, like, seriously, check it out~

It’s merely US$3. Shipping around US is currently FREE and for those outside US, like myself, the shipping is now 50% OFF!!

Here’s a sneak peek of they look like: (I shall let the photos speak for themselves. Photos taken from her etsy website)

SO yeah, check it out guys!! =D
Here’s also the link to her website LIP GLOSSERIE


3 Responses to “Chapped Lips?? No Worries”

  1. Shanghainese Dumpling Says:

    Thanks for sharing very interesting lip Balms hehe 🙂

  2. yzhuhuong Says:

    omigosh, are you getting any?

  3. DANA Says:

    yeah i will try to get them next month. these lip glosses look like they're good to eat! hahaha

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