ULTIMA II Wonderwear Longwearing

I found it today! OMG! I never really searched for it before, cause I thought it’s just not available here in Brisbane. Where? At Myer, Queens St, Brisbane City. I went “OMG!!”. You wanna know why? ’cause I used to use this years ago back in high school, but I bought it (it’s the Wonderwear Longwearing Liquid Foundation) from Indonesia, when I was back there years years ago. But after that, that’s it, I never came across Ultima II in years, and I thought I’d just never find it here in Australia. And I found it! Today! At Myer! The liquid foundation itself looks very much the same like the one I used to have. It costs AU$47. I’m still thinking whether I should give it a go again… I think I will.

Guess what, though? It’s being DISCONTINUED. Yup, no more. Easy come, easy go! Gee…

Sadly, I didn’t take a photo of it. But it comes in a nice bottle, sort of has a frosty/foggy look to the glass, with black cap, and oh it’s so hard to try to explain in words, but it has some bumps, like raised dots on the top of the bottle that gives it a distinguished look. It’s ok, when I finally get it I’ll edit this, and show you what I mean… I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s heard of Ultima II? Tell me if you have, or haven’t… and if you have, what you think of it.

If interested, here’s a brief review from MUA

63 reviews
Average Rating. 4.4
Would buy this product again. 87%
Package Quality 3.1
Price 3.1

Not bad, won’t you agree?

Till next time!

EDIT Oh I found it, here’s a photo of what the bottle looks like, I quite like it, it has a nice grip, nice look to it.


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