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I’m NW25!!

October 24, 2009

Just bought my first MAC foundation and thought I share it here, before I run off to my friend’s 21st party (yes, that’s you Michelle!!)

Guess what! Remember all these while I’ve been saying I’m an NC30? Well, I tried on an NW25 today!! It was the MSF (Mineralized Satinfinish Liquid Foundation). The MA (Makeup Artist) was really nice, her name is Sanaz by the way, and she said I have a warmer undertone than a cool one, and I like the result of the makeup!! I shall post up photos later tonight, hopefully.
But for now, there we go… you just never know, but I’m liking this finish she gave me and the eye makeup she did for me is so so nice, I’m loving the colours and the shape, the eyebrow, all of it! =D

Ok, ok, I better go, talk to you all soon!!
Oh wait, before I go, yes, I did end up hauling some MAC and finally decided whether it was the Studio Sculpt or the Mineralized Satinfinish, and whether to get NC30 or NW25…
I’ll post up the photos later, but here’s the list of what I got today:
Have you guessed what I got already?

– Mineralized Satinfinish in NW25!!!
– Bronzing Powder in Golden
– Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

Have a blushfull night!