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Gorgeous Cosmetics Haul (30% Off Today Only)

October 30, 2009

Gorgeous Cosmetics had a 30% off sale today only. Excited, excited… I felt like I wanted to get more than I ended up getting, but no I had to stop myself. Hahaha… And I’m sure they will have some other in store promotions happening in near future, not the 30% off but some other package deals, hopefully. The 30% off sale only happens ONCE every 6 months!! What luck!! My friend, Kylie and I of course were sooo happy that we knew about it.

We did a makeover (redeemable on products…)

as we also had a friend’s 21st straight after, so it was a perfect timing!! Here’s the look… ( I ended up taking a photo of this at the end of the night, so the colour isn’t looking as striking as when it first finished)… love it!

Anyway, without further adue, here’s what I ended up getting (after long decision making session with my brain…): (whoops, there’s a Lush Flying Fox balm there, hahaha… no, I didn’t purchase it at GC, it was my first purchase at Lush)

Luscious Liquidlips Lip Gloss
Peach Sunset Colour Pro Blush
– Concealer in Light Neutral (this was the last one!! lucky!! sorry Kylie, you missed out… =(
Supersize your Eyes package deal consists of:
* Mascara – Onyx Black
* Duo Lash Adhesive (Falsies Glue)
* Madam Lash Dual Flair (Individual) Eyelashes

Ahh, happy happy… these are my new babies that will last me awhile and I sure will use these a lot, I can assure you that!!!

Here’s just some closeup photos of each item (tried my best to find the best lighting to show off the colour… sorry if it doesn’t come out the best):

^^Peach Sunset Blush

^^Concealer in Light Neutral (Lucky Last!!)

Formula Five Mascara (Onyx Black)

Liquidlips in Luscious

And, last but not least, I have to mention my new favourite thing I now carry around everywhere… and can’t help but to love it… can you guess what it is?

^__^ (happy, smiley face… this smells sooo good in my sense of smell, it just hits the spot, it’s just nice, although this balm is milder in comparison to the shower gel, but this is handy, as I can carry it around everywhere with me!! =D yayyy!!)

Well, how time flies, I better get going. Talk to you all soon!!! Have a blushfull day~
Goodnight all…

Kesalan Patharan

October 30, 2009

This is one of the reasons why oh why I love or just more interested in overseas products, outside Australia, since there are way too many that are Unavailable in Australia. I am a big softie on products I cannot find in Australia. One of the many brands that I will soon be talking about in this blog is


When I first heard, or more like ‘read’ the name, I thought it was Phillipino or Thai or Indian somewhat Southeast Asian origin and only sold around there, but I was wrong, this is sold in Japan. Ahh Japan, imagine my haul when I finally go to Japan. There are too many brands that are available in Japan… *cries*

Here’s a sneak peek of what it has to offer to all of us makeup lovers:

Holiday Coffret “Jewelled Rose” 2009

It originated in 1987 by a professional makeup artist. This brand was originally designed to target the professional makeup artists, however it has ventured out and loved by other makeup lovers for its quality.
The name comes from an Indian legend, from the seeds of a rare plant. The seeds brought luck and happiness and that’s the idea of this brand, to bring luck and happiness.

Have you tried Kesalan Patharan? What do you think of it?

Guerlain Spring Collection 2010: Cherry Blossom

October 30, 2009

Dear Guerlain,

So I’ve never woken up to such things I wanted to grab and touch out of the computer screen before. But this morning, I read Make Me Blushhh and Musings of a Muse and you’ve just made me want to hate you but you know I love you!! *Touches screen* I think I just knocked myself in the head.
These are KA-BOOM!! Hit me right in the head. So gorgeous, so beautiful, it’s just heavenly!
So excited, if they’re even going to be released in Australia… Ohhh, wish wish.
And Natalia Vodianova looks gorgeous with these colours and the fan, ahh…

The collection comes in:


– Limited Edition Eyeshadow Quad Ombrelles
– Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Blush
– Limited Edition Voyage Meteorites Compact
– Insolence Blooming Perfume

Don’t you just loooveee the colours? The design? I do!! Hehehe… If I’m not wrong, these will be a Limited Edition. OH!! The more reason to buy! ^^ Especially this one:
So, dear Guerlain, what have you done? You’ve set my heart on fire!!

What do you think of it? Love it? Which one are you eyeing?