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Collectives & Future Reviews

October 31, 2009

Just a quick update of what I’ve purchased recently (apart from those I’ve mentioned previously) and what I can do reviews on in the future.

So I purchased 2 little things from MECCA today, my first purchase at MECCA I must say…
It was just for these 2 magnetic eyeshadow pots so I can fill them myself with the Stila eyeshadow pans I already have… like this:
The eyeshadows are already mine. In this photo: Golightly & Kitten

And what I got today… with free sample of a MISSHA Super Aqua Pore Minimizing Mask (which I will review later after I get the full size)

– MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
– MAC False Eyelashes (1 pair) (made in Indonesia!?!?)
– YSL Rouge Volupte in Number 4
– 2x Stila eyeshadow pots !!Just the pots (AUD$2 each!! from MECCA)
– MISSHA The Style Makeup Remover
– MISSHA The Style Lucid Nail Polish in BR03 (which I would like to call Muddy Brown)

And here is just the beginning, my current falsies… my mum has some, but these are truly my own… so I’m more proud of these… hahaha…

– Yagun eyelashes – free from an online purchase
– MAC eyelashes (M8H1-01, I hope that’s the code)
– Gorgeous Cosmetics individual eyelashes (Dual Flair)

Alright, so that’s the little collective haul in the past week or so… just as a quick update and as ideas as future reviews…

Would you like that? Tell me what should I talk about first…
Which out of these interest you more?

Have a blushfull day!!


Yayy!! Growing number of followers!! & MISSHA in Brisbane

October 31, 2009

First thing first, thank you for all the followers ^^ when it first had the a number (1) in the list, I was “OMG!! I have 1 follower! Yay!!” and then it grew.. and stopped at around 8 or something, and I thought.. “Awww.. I have to be patient..” and then it reached 10, I was “Yayyy!! 10!!!” and now it’s 12!! Thanks guys!! You’ve all made my day/night.. hehehehe =] I know it may not seem much, compared to some blogs with hundreds or thousands followers… but yeah, anyway…

Secondly, I went to the MISSHA Outlet again today, yes I feel so lucky that we have 1 in my city, even if it’s a small one.

I had to get the makeup remover, since I’m running out of it. It is located inside the Sunnybank Plaza (the Mall, not the Market Square), near Terry White Chemist, in front of BWS. So anyway, normally it would be just like any other day, but today, I spotted something that just made me go “OMG!!!!” It was this:


All sorts of colours and they are only AUD$5.50. ^^
I also found the colour I have been searching all over the place for, I’m calling it muddy brown, hopefully you can see the actual bottle shape, it’s sort of a wonky heart, or a different kind of heart shape. Hehehe… I like it, it’s different! I’ll do a review on it another time, so just stay tuned, I’m meant to make this entry a short and sweet one… =]

Bottom view,

And the top view,

Alright, that’s it for now… I shall write more, real soon… so stay tuned!!

Have a blushfull day!