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Oh Gorgeous!

October 20, 2009

NOTE: This will be a start of just showing some of the girls that I find gorgeous, beautiful or just attractive or simply caught my eye, or looks that I can get inspired from.

I came across this photo just few minutes ago and I just thought to myself, “WOW! GORGEOUS!” She’s got the long loose wave black hair with piercing blue eyes and defined cheekbones, she just looks divine in that photo.. stunning. Who am I talking about?? No, it’s not Megan Fox (ugh, no.) No, it’s not Jessica Alba (she’s gorgeous, but I’m not talking about her..) she’s a new singer/songwriter called (do correct me if I’m wrong)

But hang on, I see her youtube is spelled as JADYN.. =S JadynMariaTV

I think it’s JADYN. Haha..
Oh, Ne-Yo signed her up!

I first saw her in one of the blogs I follow, check her out @ lollipop26 and it links to a pro make up artist Mario Dedivanovic’s BLOG

She even made a blog after they’ve done her makeup, check it out HERE

Thought I share it with you. I just simply adore the photo and the make up finish of it even though I know it’s nowhere ever going to be a look I can pull of, but who knows? =D

So yeah! Thought I’d share…

Almost forgot… here’s a photo of another gorgeous girl I recently encountered:


Isn’t she gorgeous? I think so.

Oh and I think I’d like this hairstyle: